Celebal Unity Launcher

Effortless Hive to Unity Migration on Databricks - Save Time, Simplify Your Transition!


Boost Your UC Migration By 70%, Effortless & Rapid Transition.

  • Celebal's Unity Launcher is here to reform your Unity Catalog Migration journey. Our toolkit offers an automated end-to-end comprehensive UC migration solution that accelerates the migration process by 70%, designed to simplify and accelerate every aspect of the UC migration process from the Discovery phase to the Validation phase.
  • Without disrupting day-to-day business operations, ensuring seamless continuity while achieving significant time savings, prioritizes the integrity and confidentiality of your data throughout the migration process and revolutionizing enterprise Data Governance.


Accelerating migration from Hive to Unity Catalog by 70%.
Effortless integration with Databricks.
Real-Time Dashboard for Migration Analysis.
Boosts productivity.
Customizable solutions for diverse needs.
Prioritizes data security.


Data Asset Migration (Managed & External)
Identity Migration (Users & Groups)
Security & Permission (ACL Migration)
Notebook Upgrade (Namespace Upgrade in Code)
Job Dependency Crawler (Notebook,Tables & Storage)
Cluster Upgrades

Your Real-Time Tracking Power Center

It provides a real-time dashboard that enables tracking and analysis of the migration process and offers customizable solutions to handle diverse data scenarios, providing flexibility and adaptability for the migration.


Why Celebal Technologies

Boost your UC migration by 70%, effortless & rapid transition.
4 weeks
Experience our unparalled speed: seamless migration delivered in just 4 weeks.
UC integration
Utility for seamless UC integration with governance tools like Collibra, Immuta, Apache Ranger, Glue Catalog, etc.

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