Introducing our Industrial Intelligence solution, a cutting-edge platform revolutionizing forecasting in the energy and sustainability sector. The Power and Utility Forecasting Framework (PUFF) offers detailed and combined predictions for various categories such as load, generation, price, and weather. It possesses the ability to integrate external factors like weather conditions and pricing to enhance the precision of forecasting.

Key Features of the Power & Utility Forecasting Framework

Seamless Data Integration
Automated Data Cleaning
Multivariate Data Exploration
Automatic Weather Data Acquisition
Advanced Time Series Forecasting Algorithms

Unlocking Operational Excellence with Celebal Technologies

Intuitive & Self-Explanatory UI
Facilitates seamless navigation, enabling swift access to features, and allowing for easy data interpretation with minimal learning curve. 
High Degree of Customization
Customize forecasts to your needs, integrating unique factors for precise predictions.
Easily Deployable System
Offers streamlined integration and swift implementation for utilities worldwide.
Effortless Forecasting
8-tab setup with easy experiment naming & updates.
Centralized Access
Streamlined access to critical pages for tracking, error analysis, and configuration directly from the main selection page.
Built on Azure, it ensures data integrity and user protection with robust security measures.

Streamline Decision-Making with Interactive Dashboards

Embrace real-time dashboards to monitor and analyze multiple parameters to enable informed decision-making and efficient power management optimization.