Retail and CPG Solutions

The Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sectors face many formidable challenges daily, such as shifting consumer behavior due to e-commerce growth and sustainability concerns. Supply chain disruptions from geopolitical tensions and unforeseen events add complexity and costs. Intense competition, both from traditional and e-commerce retailers, demands relentless innovation to maintain profits. Furthermore, many struggle to tap into their data's full potential.

Celebal Technologies serves as a strategic partner for both retailers and consumer goods organizations, harnessing the power of advanced data and AI powered technologies to redefine their digital landscapes. With Predictive AI, Machine Learning, and Data and Analytics services, we equip enterprises to deliver personalized customer experiences, powered by AI-driven recommendation engines and data analytics, and further enable retailers and CPG companies to offer tailored product suggestions and targeted marketing campaigns, thereby enhancing customer engagement and loyalty. Simultaneously, our supply chain optimization solutions, equip companies with the tools to streamline operations, optimize inventory management, reduce costs, and enhance resilience in the face of supply chain disruptions.

Reimagine Retail with Intelligent Stores & Smarter Supply Chains

Celebal Technologies is at the forefront of revolutionizing the retail & CPG landscape by introducing innovative technology-driven solutions that empower enterprises to reprise their shoppers’ journey with end-to-end seamless experience. and create more agile, and data-empowered organizations.

Know Your Consumer

Maximize the value of your data assets AI-driven customer insights by seamlessly integrating data sources throughout the shopper journey, enabling the creation of a comprehensive customer profile that offers unparalleled insights and engagement opportunities.

    • Unified customer profile
    • Shopper and operations analytics
    • Intelligent fraud prevention
    • 360 degree customer analytics

Our Retail and CPG Success Stories


A leading B2B e-commerce platform partnered with us to implement automated data governance. We crafted a powerful BI Automation Engine that effortlessly extracts and consolidates data, adhering to their unique business rules. The result? A centralized data repository within their Data Lake, revolutionizing how they harness valuable insights for smarter decisions.


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