Microsoft Viva Solutions

With the rise of hybrid work, the workplace has become increasingly dispersed and distracted. 

In this new normal, many enterprises are struggling to identify employee needs and determine which technologies will help them achieve enhanced employee productivity as well as improved engagement. 

But there are too many separate tools, apps, and resources in the employee experience (EX) space contributing to even more confusion and lowered efficiency. Microsoft Viva is an integrated EX platform focused on the future of work that solves all your EX-challenges.  

Grow Your Business through Robust Employee Experience


ROI over 3 years


Net Present Value
(PV) over 3 years


Reduction in Employee

Source: Forrester 2022 The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Viva


Foster a Human-Centric Culture through 
Microsoft Viva Goals


Microsoft Viva Connections

Deliver curated community experience with all news, resources, and conversations in one place – Viva Connections.


Microsoft Viva Engage

Unlock communication and engagement opportunities for everyone through Microsoft Viva Engage.


Microsoft Viva Learning

Integrate all your content and learning resources to enable your employees to share, discover, and learn easily on Viva Learning.


Microsoft Viva Insights

Get personalized insights to improve your employee well-being and productivity along with fostering better work habits.


Microsoft Viva Topics

Leverage Viva Topics – an AI-powered solution to make it easy for your employees to discover and use enterprise information.


Microsoft Viva Goals

Align your employees with your business goals to build a purpose-driven culture wherein you can focus on your most critical priorities.


Thrive in the Hybrid Work Era using
Celebal Tech Microsoft Viva Solutions

  • Employee Onboarding Solution
  • Asset Knowledge Libraries
  • Sales Enablement Solution
  • Learning Management Solution
  • Employee Performance Reports
  • Custom Dashboard on HR and Employee Initiatives

Our Microsoft Viva Success Stories


A global consulting firm connecting content to people, or "connected thinking" is imperative to their success. With the help of Microsoft Viva Topics, they empowered their employees to share information to allow teams to get the best value for their clients and for the business.​


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