Data Intelligence Days

Join Celebal Technologies at Databricks' Data Intelligence Days, hosted by Celebal Technologies, for a focused exploration of advanced data and AI solutions. Our suite includes the development of generative AI applications, democratizing insights, unifying data governance, and accelerating migrations to enhance your business outcomes. Experience the power of Databricks solutions like Unity Catalog, Data Intelligence Platform etc. which offers scalable infrastructure, sophisticated analytics, and robust data governance. This integrated approach ensures a comprehensive view across all data types and enterprise-grade security. Discover how our platform, with its unique solutions, can drive innovation and faster value in your organization. Find the next event near you and embrace the future of data intelligence.

Upcoming Locations:

10 May 2024

DID Mumbai


DID Calgary

Past Locations:

22 March 2024

DID Bangalore

17 April 2024

DID London

23 April 2024

DID Atlanta

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