Future of Energy Utilities with AI

May 15th, 2024

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Westin Harbour Castle, 1 Harbour Square, Toronto

The Energy Utilities sector is undergoing a seismic shift towards Industry 4.0, driven by the imperative for efficiency, sustainability, and competitiveness. This transformation is powered by technologies such as Generative AI, Big Data Analytics, IoT, Automation, and Renewables Integration, which are equipping organizations to reduce their carbon footprint, achieve their ESG goals, enhance worker safety, and ensure that they remain agile and relevant in a rapidly evolving global market.

Discover the future of digital transformation alongside industry leaders from Databricks, Celebal Technologies, and Lightspeed Innovation in an enlightening workshop, where we will be showcasing the rapid advancements and innovations in Sustainability solutions, Generative AI, and Analytics that are propelling the Energy Utilities sector forward. 

Join us in unveiling how our transformative solutions are revolutionizing businesses! 

Agenda :

Introduction and Opening Address

Energy Industry Insights and Why Databricks?

Energy Industry Trends and How Lightspeed Innovation is Adapting Them? 

Celebal’s Key Pillars in Innovation & Energy Industry Transition Initiatives

Q&A Session