Genesys APAC Partner Conference 2024

28th to 30th May 2024
The Peninsula Bangkok, Thailand

Booth No. S6

Powering the Future of Customer Experience

Celebal Technologies is excited to attend the Genesys APAC Partner Conference 2024. We're eager to present CCI, our innovative solution that elevates customer experience beyond conventional contact centers. Advocating for engagement centers over traditional customer contact centers is crucial for enhanced customer engagement powered by AI and data. With advanced sentiment analysis, Assisting Agents by giving real-time suggestions, and insights, Celebal's engagement centers enable data-driven decisions and elevate customer satisfaction.

Introduction to Contact Center Intelligence:

Real-Time Analytics

Given the competitive nature of businesses, real-time analytics helps gain insights and identify problems before they become significant. This is achieved by processing real-time data to understand any change in client behavior or the environment. It also involves using content and sentiment analysis to gather recommendations and conclusions about any issue and assist the agent by suggesting next best action.

Any call by a client is data that the firm can use to gain further insights. Post-call analytics analyzes such data to understand customer service trends and create a dashboard of sentiments, summarization and topic modelling. Post-call analytics helps the senior management make relevant decisions using these insights. 

Businesses who have to answer regular mundane calls can directly automate it through a voice bot. It functions like a guide that diverts customers to the right agent and sometimes directly resolves their issues without human intervention. This communication provides real-time support to customers and gives them 24/7 access to get any answer and resolve any query. Voice bot also redirects a customer to a human if it cannot solve their query, thus saving time and increasing efficiency. 

The AI thoroughly examines customer audios and transcripts, discerning particular criteria and fields through in-depth analysis of word usage. By leveraging these insights, the system effectively automates the process of filling out forms, significantly reducing manual effort and ensuring greater accuracy and efficiency in data entry. It further aims to reduce call time by a significant amount. 

Why Contact Center Intelligence


Meet our Leaders

Cledwyn Linus Menezes

Sales Lead (APAC Region)

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Harsh Madaan

CCI Global Lead

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Nakul Joshi

Data and AI Architect

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Naman Garg

Senior Consultant - Sales

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Join us in this journey of technological transformation and be a part of the AI revolution. Connect with us at Genesys APAC Partner Conference 2024 to learn more about our cutting-edge tool that helps businesses move beyond traditional contact centers and take customer experience to the next level.

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