Celebal Technologies at Hannover Messe 2024: Innovative Solutions for Industrial Transformation 

22-26 April 2024

Exhibition Grounds Hannover

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Experience the future of industrial digital transformation with Celebal Technologies at Hannover Messe 2024! Our cutting-edge solutions and services empower modern production environments to be more efficient, sustainable, and innovative. From advanced data analytics to AI/ML, we help you optimize operations, reduce environmental impact, and enhance manufacturing processes. Join us to discover how our tailored solutions can drive your business forward. 

Transformative Impact Across Key Sectors

Our Offerings

  • Data Science
  • Cloud computing
  • Digital twin
  • Sustainability 2.0
  • Energy lakehouse pillars
  • Manufacturing (OEE, SCM)
  • AI/ML

Our suite of solutions addresses unique challenges across different sectors:

Industrial Intelligence

Boost production efficiency with predictive analytics and real-time support, implementing proactive maintenance to minimize downtime.

SCM Intelligence

Automate and refine supply chain operations for timely delivery and cost efficiency, while creating a unified platform for enhanced collaboration among stakeholders.

Financial Performance  

Leverage financial data for improved budgeting, forecasting, and management, integrating AI to identify real-time risks and ensure compliance.

Program Manager Solution for A&D (Aerospace and Defense)

Seamlessly integrate complex projects from concept to completion, optimizing resource allocation, timelines, and ensuring compliance and quality standards in the A&D sector.

Automotive Sales Performance

Leverage consumer data to optimize marketing and inventory strategies, boosting sales and satisfaction while reducing costs and improving order fulfillment.

Why Celebal Technologies?

We drive informed decision-making, enable scalable IT infrastructure, empower real-time monitoring, pioneer sustainable measures, optimize energy usage, enhance manufacturing processes, and implement AI/ML solutions for automation and efficiency. Our expertise is backed by successful projects, strategic partnerships, satisfied clients, innovative solutions, and a tailored approach to meet specific challenges and goals.

  • Customizable Frameworks : Tailor solutions based on specific business needs and challenges.
  • Event-Driven System Integration: Foster an adaptive environment through real-time data processing and analytics.
  • Collaborative Ecosystems: Enhance cooperation across departments, boosting productivity and innovation.

Engage with our experts to understand the full potential of digitalization in your industry and embark on a journey towards a smarter, sustainable future. Don't miss this opportunity to meet us at Hannover Messe 2024! Book your meeting now.

Our Industry Leaders:

Anupam Gupta


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Jay Banerjee

Chief Vice President

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Bala Amavasai

Deputy Vice President

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Pratap Gulabrao

Vice President

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Suchit Sharma

Senior Manager

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Nikhil Mathur

Senior Director

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Udayan Saxena


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