Meet us at

SAP Sapphire &
ASUG Annual Conference 2024

Orange Country Convention Center, Orlando, Florida

June 3-5th, 2024

A global event brimming with a diverse array of sessions spanning advanced analytics, data integration, and the latest innovations in SAP solutions, RPA, and Generative AI. If you're aiming to transform your enterprise with cutting-edge SAP technologies and intelligent automation, this conference is an unmissable opportunity.

Celebal Technologies is excited to be at SAP Sapphire 2024, leading the charge in innovation. Join us as we showcase our expertise in SAP Datasphere, GenAI Co-Pilots, RPA, seamless data platform migrations, and more.

Here's a glimpse of what we’ll be bringing to the table:

GenAI Apps and Bots on ERP
GenAI Apps and Bots on ERP
Integrate Procurement Copilot, Master Data Validation & Updation, and Sales Copilot seamlessly into Teams to streamline and automate your tasks efficiently.
SAP BW Migration to Modern Data Platforms
SAP BW Migration to Modern Data Platforms
Transform your data strategy with our BW decomposer and acceleration tools, propelling your SAP BW migration to unprecedented levels of efficiency and performance.
Automate ERP Process through RPA and GenAI
Automate ERP Process through RPA and GenAI
Automate ERP processes with our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Generative AI solutions. Reduce operational overhead and increase productivity, allowing focus on strategic growth.
Industry 4.0 Solutions
Industry 4.0 Solutions
Adopt Industry 4.0 with our advanced solutions, including AI-driven innovations and the Testcraft AI accelerator. Optimize operations and leverage data intelligence for superior decision-making.

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What to Expect?


SAP Datasphere

Unlock the full potential of your data with our SAP Datasphere solutions, offering seamless integration and real-time analytics for unparalleled business insights.


SAP Co-Pilots

Transform your business operations with our intelligent SAP Co-Pilots, delivering enhanced user experiences and robust automation capabilities.


GenAI Use Cases

Delve into our innovative Generative AI use cases that are driving business transformation and delivering unprecedented insights.


SAP Enterprise GenAI Chatbots on Microsoft Teams

Boost productivity and streamline communication within SAP environments with our advanced GenAI chatbots integrated on Microsoft Teams.


SAP Advanced Analytics / Lakehouse

Harness the power of SAP Datasphere to drive advanced analytics and lakehouse capabilities, providing deeper insights and better decision-making.


Automating SAP Processes

Optimize your SAP processes with our cutting-edge RPA solutions, automating routine tasks to improve efficiency and accuracy.


GenAI Co-Pilots for SAP Core Processes

Enhance your SAP core processes, including HR, Procurement, Finance, and Production, with our specialized GenAI Co-Pilots.


Accelerators for Data Platform Migration

Ensure a smooth transition to modern data platforms like Databricks, Microsoft Fabric, and SAP Datasphere with our advanced migration accelerators.

SAP ERP Chatbot on Teams

Meet Celebal's Industry Leaders

Anupam Gupta

President North America - Executive Management

Piyush Gupta

Global Head - ERP Modernization

Ramanjot Singh Dhooria

Vice President - Global Business Development